A new play call'd The Pragmatical Jesuit new-leven'd a comedy
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670?

Act 1. Scen. 6.

Enter Lucifer in the dress of the Jesuits here, and Lucifuga as his Page.

My Charge sits heavy on my heart; but I must amand it to execution: The grand Machin by which the world wheels towards me, is; when the leading Clerks abandon candor, plain-dealing, and simplicity, and evade profoundly hypocri∣tical. For they governing others as the Shrubs of people, by vertue of the reve∣rent opinion which men have traditionally received, concerning their Power, Holi∣ness, Abilities, draw them like inferiour wheels into a combination and subordinate motion, conformably to their Ends. The Habit I wear, is the Dress of an English Je∣suit, as he commonly appears in his Coun∣trey. I will not delegate the acting of the Part, to any: I scarce presume upon my own sufficiency, as equal to the Magisterial height of their Performance: Page, Give notice to Madam Hypocrisie, that I come to take a sensible view of her Scholars, and a∣dopt the ripest of them into my Service. If all things fall pliable, because I greatly cover Honour and Adoration, let me be honour'd before these people with her lou∣dest Musick in my entrance: I follow im∣mediatly.

Exit Lucifuga.

No Power so mighty, where their Lore is Law,
As this of Jesuits. They hold men in awe,
As thought, thoughfalsly, wiser than the rest,
More learned, more Scholastick, and the best
Of mortal men. It followes what what they do
Must have the Plaudit of all others too.
Lowd Musick.
Finis Actus primi.