A copie of the articles agreed upon at the surrender of the city of Bristol betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes governour of the said city, on the one party, and Colonell Charles Gerrard and Captain William Teringham for and on the behalfe of Prince Rupert, on
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669.
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A Copie of a Letter sent from Bristoll.


SInce my last unto you by the Post, and the post hitherward intercepted by the enemie, the case is changed; for on Thursday last wee rendred the Citie of Bristoll, as by the Articles here inclosed you may perceive, but what faith hath beene kept there after, let the robberies and spoyles of every particular person declare; amongst which, I praise God, I am escaped with my life to the towne of Southampton, with my sonne Iohn; but before I could come forth of the gates of the City of Bristol, I was deprived of my money, plate, and baggage from behind my servants, who were throwne off their horses, and the same cut off their backes, and utterly lost, and themselves and their horses in like condition, for ought I know, and onely wee our selves, with some other gentlemen, escaped hither with our lives on Friday night last; and on Satur∣day came in also the late Governour of Bristoll,Page  8 Col. Fiennes, and his brother, with the remainder of the whole soulderie, who were served with the like sauce, such is the faith held with the present Victors. My wife and family in all this time not knowing whether we are alive, or where we are; nor know wee which way to send home, in regard all the Wayes are full of the enemies sorces, unlesse the Carryer of Wells hold his course from London thither, which if hee doth, I pray let your man Jonathan by that Carrier, present his mother with a line or two of our safetie in this place and still beseech you, though our fortunes be altered, to shew your good affection to Ionathan and Io∣seph, with my best respects to my loving Gossip and your selfe, remaine

Your faithfull friend and servaut, I. P.

Southampton, July 31. 1643.

Pray let your man Ionathan write out two or three copies of this inclosed, and deliver one of them to my son Chillingworth, with my love to him and my daughter; a second to Mr Shephead, with my commendations, in hope to see him and you all, with what speed wee may, which should be very speedily, did not the Kings horse lye in our way to London; and a third to Mr. Peter Va∣deput, my commendations also to him and his wife, &c.