A copie of the articles agreed upon at the surrender of the city of Bristol betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes governour of the said city, on the one party, and Colonell Charles Gerrard and Captain William Teringham for and on the behalfe of Prince Rupert, on
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669.
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ARTICLES AGREED ON, AT THE CITY OF BRISTOLL, Between Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes, Governour of the said City, on the one party, and Collonel Charles Gerard, and Captain William Teringham, for, and on the behalf of Prince Rupert, on the other party, the 26. of Iuly, 1643.

THat the Governour Nathaniel Fi∣ennes, together with all the Officers both of Horse and Foot, now within and about this City of Bristoll, Ca∣stle & Forts, may march out to mor∣row morning by 9. of the clock, with their full Arms, Page  4 Horses, bagge and baggage, provided it be their owne goods; and that the Common Foot Souldiers March out without Armes, and the Troopers with their Horses and Swords, leaving their other Arms behind them, with a safe Convoy to Warmister, and after not to be molested in their March by any of the Kings Forces, for the space of three dayes.

2. That there may be Carriages allowed and provided, to carry away their Bagge and Baggage, and sicke and hurt Souldiers.

3. That the Kings Forces march not into the Towne, till the Parliament Forces are marched out, which is at 9. of the clock.

4. That all Prisoners in the Cite be delivered up, and that Captain Eyres, and Captaine Gookin, who were taken at the Devises, be released.

5. Tht Sir Iohn Homer, Sir Iohn Seymoure, Mr, Edward Steevens, and all other Knights, Gen∣tlemen, Citizens, and other persons, that are now in the City, may if they please, with their Goods, Wives and Families, Horses, Bagge and Bagage, have free Liberty to returne to their owne homes, or else where, and there to rest in safety, or ride and Page  5 travell with the Governour and Forces; and such of them and their Families as shall be left behind, by reason of sicknesse or other cause, may have liber∣ty, so soon as they can conveniently, to depart this Towne with safety, provided that all the Gentle∣men and other persons, shall have three dayes li∣berty to reside here, or depart with their goods, which they please.

6. That all the Inhabitants of this City, shall be secured in their Persons, Families and Estates, free from plundering, and all other violence or wrong whatsover.

7. That the Charters and Liberties of this City, may be preserved, and that the antient Government therof, and present Governours and Officers may remaine and continue in their former condition, according to his Majesties Charters and pleasure.

8. That for avyding inconveniencies and di∣strctions, the Quartering of Souldiers be referred or left to the Maor and Governour of the same City for the time being.

Page  6 9. That all such as have carryed any goods into the Castle, may have free liberty to carry the same forth.

10. That the Forces that are to March out, are to leave behind them all Cannon and Ammunition, with their Colours, and such Armes as is before expressed.