A copie of the articles agreed upon at the surrender of the city of Bristol betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes governour of the said city, on the one party, and Colonell Charles Gerrard and Captain William Teringham for and on the behalfe of Prince Rupert, on
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669.
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A COPIE OF THE ARTICLES Agreed upon at the surrender of the City of BRISTOL▪ Betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fien∣nes, Governour of the said City, on the one Party, and Colonell Charles Gerrard, and Cap∣taine William Teringham, for, and on the behalfe of Prince Rupert, on the other party, the 26. of Iuly, 1643.

With a Letter hereunto added, in which this Copie of Articles was Inclosed: wherein is mani∣fested how well those perfidious Cavaliers have kept the said Articles▪ and may serve as a warning to the whole Kingdome, how to trust againe the Faith of such CAVALIERS.

Published according to Order.

LONDON Printed for Henry Overton in Popes-head Alley.