The art of cookery refin'd and augmented containing an abstract of some rare and rich unpublished receipts of cookery
Cooper, Joseph, chiefe cook to the late king.

How to boyle Pi∣geons.

SCald and pull your Pigeons, draw and truss them to boyle with Parsley in their bellies, and boyle them in water and salt; for the sauce, take some of the broth, Vinegar, Bacon scalded and sliced very thin, large Mace, whole Pep∣per, 3 or 4 yolkes of hard Eggs minced; boyle these together with a sprig of sweet Marjerom a quarter of an houre, and put in a little gravy of any Page  18 flesh (if you have it) beat it up with Butter, dish the Pidgeons pour the Sauce on them, garnish the meat with good store of Bar∣berries, Lemmon and Sippits; you may put in some picled Broome- buds (if you have them) then serve it up hot to the Table.