The art of cookery refin'd and augmented containing an abstract of some rare and rich unpublished receipts of cookery
Cooper, Joseph, chiefe cook to the late king.

How to boyle a Coney.

TRuss your Coney, boyl her in water and salt: for the sauce, take strong broth, if you have Page  14 any, or that which boyleth it, with two or three Pippins quar∣tered, large Mace, Pepper, Salt, a handfull of Currants, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two sliced Oni∣ons and Vinegar; boyle all these together halfe an houre, then straine it, and throw away all the thick, put in a piece of Butter and a little Sugar, with Lemmon, beat it up thick and pour it on your Coney: being dished, gar∣nish it, and serve it up to the Table.