The plausible arguments of a Romish priest answered by an English Protestant seasonable and useful for all Protestant families.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699.
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  • THe Religion of the Church of England, Taught by Christ and his Apostles, Page. 1
  • Concerning the Scriptures in an Ʋnknown Tongue, p. 2
  • Concerning the Pretended Roman Catholick Church, p. 3
  • Concerning St. Peter's Superiority and Juris∣diction over the rest of the Apostles, p. 4
  • Concerning the Popes Supremacy, p. 6
  • Concerning the Popes Infallibility, p. 7
  • Concerning Implicit Faith; or Believing as the Church Believes, p. 8
  • Concerning Oral Tradition; or the Faith deli∣vered down by Word of Mouth from Age to Age, p. 9
  • The Church of Rome full of gross Errors, p. 13
  • Concerning Image-Worship, p. 14
  • Concerning Invocation of Saints and Angels, p. 17
  • Concerning the Worship of the Blessed Virgin, p. 22
  • Concerning the Adoration of Relicks, p. 23
  • Page  [unnumbered] Concerning Divine Service in an Unknown Tongue, p. 24
  • Concerning Transubstantiation, p. 27
  • Concerning Half-Communion; or denying the Cup to the Laity, p. 35
  • Concerning the Doctrine of Concomitancy; or the Blood always accompanying the Body, p. 36
  • Concerning Auricular Confession; or that which is privately whispered into the Ear of the Priest, p. 37
  • Concerning Priestly Absolution, p 38
  • Concerning Satisfaction, or Penances, p. 39
  • Concerning Indulgences, p. 42
  • Concerning Purgatory, p. 44
  • Concerning the Sanctity of Religious Orders, p. 50
  • Cencerning Exorcisms, or Casting-out Evil Spi∣rits, p. 52
  • The Conclusion, p. 53