The rise, growth, and danger of Socinianisme together with a plaine discovery of a desperate designe of corrupting the Protestant religion, whereby it appeares that the religion which hath been so violently contended for (by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his adherents) is not the true pure Protestant religion, but an hotchpotch of Arminianisme, Socinianisme and popery : it is likewise made evident, that the atheists, Anabaptists, and sectaries so much complained of, have been raised or encouraged by the doctrines and practises of the Arminian, Socinian and popish party
Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.

The Printer to the Reader.

The Author being called from London to a businesse of higher concrnment could not oversee the Presse, but some few sheets being sent to him, he returned some brief Corrections which he hath de∣sired me to communicate that the Reader might blot out those things which are redundant, and rectify such mistakes as alter the sense of the Author. Be pleased to take speciall notice of these that fol∣low.

S. G.