The monster of sinful self-seeking, anatomizd together with a description of the heavenly and blessed selfe-seeking : in a sermon preached at Pauls the 10. of December, 1654
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.

Q. But what are the things of Iesus Christ?

A. In generall, they are nothing else but the preservation and propagation of the Kingdome of Jesus Christ. The build∣ing up of the Church of Christ in verity, purity, and unity.

But more particularly, the things of Christ are,

  • 1. The pure worship of Jesus Christ, the Preaching of the Word, and administration of the Sacraments in Christs way.
  • 2. The precious truths of the Gospel.
  • 3. The government of the Church according to Scripture∣patterne.
  • Page  4 4. The day of Christ.
  • 5. The godly Ambassadors of Christ.
  • 6. The Reformation of the Church, when corrupted in Doctrine, Worship, and Discipline.

Now then the charge is, That the Christians in the Primi∣tive times (both Ministers and others) did seek their own interest, and not the interest of Jesus Christ; to build their own houses, and not the houses of God; to ingrosse a Kingdome to themselves, and not to propagate Christs King∣dome.