The monster of sinful self-seeking, anatomizd together with a description of the heavenly and blessed selfe-seeking : in a sermon preached at Pauls the 10. of December, 1654
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.

Quest. Are there any Christians of this minde?

Answ. There are many who are called Christians at large Page  23 of this minde, who have the name and but the name of Chri∣stians, and carry this name as Uriah did his Letters to Joab, Non ad salutem, sed ad runam, not for Salvation, but Dam∣nation, you shall know them by this Character.

Let such men as these have their trading as formerly, enjoy outward prosperity, and be freed from taxes, they will thinke themselves sufficiently happy. It is all one to them whether all Religions be tolerated, or none at all. These men say with Tiberius the Emperour, Diis Deorum curae sunto. Let God take care of Religion, all our care is for our outward estate; these are they that make their Money their God, who minde earthly things whose end is damnation, of whom I may say as Christ of Iudas, better they had never been borne.

2. Such as seek their own things before, and more than the things of Christ, who seek their own interest, more cordially, more in∣dustriously, and more vigorously, than the interest of Reli∣gion. Thus did the Gaderens (as you have heard) thus doe most Christians.