The happinesse of those who sleep in Jesus, or, The benefit that comes to the dead bodies of the saints even while they are in the grave, sleeping in Jesus delivered in a sermon preached at the funeral of ... Lady Anne Waller, at the new church in Westminst[er], Oct. 31, 1661 : together with the testimony then given unto her
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.

Use 1.

Let us not mourn immoderately for the death of our Godly Friends and Relations. This is the Use which the Apostle would have us to make. * Mourn we may, but not as the Heathen, who have no hope. Let us remember, that the death of a Child of God is nothing else but a comfortable and blessed sleep; that he goes to the Grave, as to his Bed, and there lieth free (as a man asleep) from all Cares and Troubles, and at rest from all his Labours, that even while he is in the Grave, he is asleep in Iesus, and there continueth a Member of his Body; that his very dust is precious in Gods sight, and part of Gods Election, Christs Re∣demption, and the Spirits Sanctification. That by vertue of its Union with Christ, his body while in the Grave, is not utterly ex∣tinct, but there is a Substance, not only reserved, but preserved, to be raised to everlasting Glory. That Christ hath so perfumed the Grave, as that it is nothing else to him, but as a Tyring-house, and withdrawing-Room. In a word, that he lieth down in his bed till the Morning of the Resurrection, and then he shall put on Page  17stolam immortalitatis, the Garment of Immortality, and his vile body shall be made like unto the Glorious Body of Iesus Christ. Let us comfort one another with these words: Let us not weep im∣measurably for those from whom all Tears are wiped away, but let us consider their unspeakable gin. Death hath put an end to all their temporal and spiritual evils, and opened a door for them to everlasting Happiness.