The happinesse of those who sleep in Jesus, or, The benefit that comes to the dead bodies of the saints even while they are in the grave, sleeping in Jesus delivered in a sermon preached at the funeral of ... Lady Anne Waller, at the new church in Westminst[er], Oct. 31, 1661 : together with the testimony then given unto her
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.
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IT hath pleased the wise God, & your heavenly Father, to exercise you with variety of sad Providences, & to train you up for himself and his Kingdom, by many Troubles and Afflicti∣ons. It hath alwaies been his Method to pre∣pare his Children by light and moment any cros∣ses, for a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Glory, and by imbittering the pleasures of this world, to sweeten the delights of a bet∣ter

This, Sir, hath been your Portion, And I doubt not but you have learned, and are in∣structed by God in whatsoever state you are, therewith to be contented, and are made able to say with David, It is good for you that you have been afflicted.

Page  [unnumbered]This last Trial was one of the sorest that ever yet betided you, being the loss of so Pre∣cious a Lady, so sutable a Wife, full of so much Goodness and Prudence. But when you con∣sider, that your Losse is her Gain, that she is taken away from the evil to come, that she is not lost, but gone before to her Father, and your Father, to her God, and your God; that her Soul is at rest in Abrahams bosom, and her body, even while in the grave, asleep in Iesus, and who it is that hath taken her from you; this doth much allay the immoderateness of your sorrow, & enables you to say with holy Iob,*The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh, bles∣sed be the Name of the Lord; and with holy David,*I was dumb, I opened not my mouth, be∣cause thou didst it.

There are three great Truthes, which if well digested, will prove heart-quieting, and com∣pose the Spirits of Gods people, and make them calm and satisfied in the worst of daies and dangers.

1. That all the Providences of God, though never so dark and msterious, and seemingly contrary to his Promises, shall all of them at last concur to the fulfilling of his Promises;Page  [unnumbered] For we know that all things shall work together for good to those who love God.

2. That sanctified Afflictions are great bles∣sings, and that Correction, when joyned with Instruction, is a certain Character of Election. That God had one Son without sin, but no Son without Sorrow; That Afflictions are Divine Touchstones, to try the truth and strength of our Graces, Divine Furnaces, to purge out the Drosse of our sins; Divine Files to pare off our spiritual Rust, and Divine fra∣ming Houses, to dress us, and make us fit for Heaven.

3. That Iesus Christ hath altered the Nature of Death, and made it a Gate to everlasting Life. That Christ hath sanctified, sweetned, purchased, conquered, and disarmed Death, so as it is now become the best Friend we have next to Iesus Christ. For we shall never be free from sin, nor perfected in Grace, nor see God Face to Face, till we die.

This last grand Truth is made out fully in the ensuing Sermon, wherein also is shewed the Benefit that the Bodies of the Saints ob∣tain while in the Grave, by sleeping in Iesus. Many Sermons tell us the Advantage that the Page  [unnumbered]Soul reaps by death, but this will discover what our vile Bodies gain even while they are rotting in the Grave.

Sir, It was your desire it should be made publick, and out of pure obedience so it now is. For there is nothing in it that is elaborate, and more then ordinary, or that renders it worthy the perusal of a judicious Eye. But the Testimony given of your Noble Lady, as it is true, so (I conceive) it is worth reading and imitating, and may well be called a Looking-Glasse for Ladies to dress themselves by every Morning. It will teach them to make Religi∣on their Business, and to spend more time in decking their Souls with Grace, then their Bodies with vain Attire, that a Neck-lace of Graces, is more worth then a Neck-lace of Pearles.

St. Hierom writes much in commendation of many Holy and Religious Ladies, * living & dying in his dayes, and proposeth them as Patterns to others for their Imitation. In like manner, I thought meet to propound the ex∣ample of your most Excellent Lady, which if well followed in those things wherein she was praise-worthy, will without doubt bring us to everlasting Happiness.

Page  [unnumbered]The Lord give a Blessing to what is said in the following Discourse, and make up to you in himself, what you have lost in the want of your Dear Consort, and be your Comforter and Counsellour in all Conditions.

So Prayeth, Your Servant in the Work of the Lord, Edm. Calamy.