An answer of Humphrey Chambers, D. D. rector of Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, to the charge of Walter Bvshnel, vicar of Box, in the same county published in a book of his entituled, A narrative of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed by O. Cromwel for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnel, &c. : with a vindication of the said commissioners annexed : humbly submitted to publick censure.
Chambers, Humphrey, 1598 or 9-1662.
Page  40


Mr. Bushnel,

CAsting mine eye upon your Narrative, I finde you squirting out many scurrilous pas∣sages against my self, which I can bear well enough, but I am troubled to see how you load others, and that you, who profess your self a Minister of Christ, should so far adulterate your fancy with the spirit of darkness, and at length bring forth into the world such a monster, whose ugliness (I doubt not) will bee offensive to any that shall behold it with a Christian eye. And although the Charge you bring against mee for entring Depositions by halfs, confounding the Or∣der in which they were taken, and for leaving out material clauses, which might have been to your behalf, deserves no other answer than a Mentiris Bushnelle, yet for mine own Vindication, the world shall know that I had a peculiar re∣spect and tenderness for you when you were upon the Stage, desiring you might come off with honour and safe∣ty, and that my management of your business (so far as concerned mee) did argue as much, I dare appeal to your own conscience, as well as to your own Counsellour Ed∣ward Carter Esq; I must also minde you with a shrewd, and (I beleeve) wilful mistake of yours, or rather a subtil e∣quivocation about the name of Blisset, by which you in∣deavour to cast a blot upon the untainted Reputation of my Father, as if hee had received twenty pounds for being Page  41 an Instrument to help Mr. Sterne into Box: Sir, this mony was given by him unto* Mr. Blisset, the Clerk, and not Mr. Blisset the Commissioner, and this not to mee, as Clerk to the Commissioners, but as I undertook to bee his Soli∣citor to Sir Hugh Speak the Patron of Box, under whose displeasure* Mr. Sterne was fallen, for addressing himself to Oliver Cromwell for the gift of the same, and for entring on the Vicaridge upon that Title without the consent of Sir H. S. M. Sterne knowing the interest I had in that ho∣nourable person* applied himself to mee to become his Advocate, and voluntarily offered mee, by way of reward, twenty pound: I did therefore after much pains and labour work him into the favour of Sir. H. S. and got his Pre∣sentation for him. To conclude, I do protest, that both the proffer, and receipt of this summ of mony from Mr. Sterne, was altogether unknown to Mr. Blisset (my Fa∣ther) until by accident hee had some hint of it at the least six months after; and as I wish you may now repent the aspersing him by your clamorous report of falshood; So I advise you to an Index expurgatorius, if there bee ano∣ther Edition of your unsavoury Narrative.

William Blisset Jun.