An answer of Humphrey Chambers, D. D. rector of Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, to the charge of Walter Bvshnel, vicar of Box, in the same county published in a book of his entituled, A narrative of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed by O. Cromwel for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnel, &c. : with a vindication of the said commissioners annexed : humbly submitted to publick censure.
Chambers, Humphrey, 1598 or 9-1662.
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TO THE Christian Reader.

Christian Reader,

IF ever a Book hath come under thy view and per∣usal, intituled, A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by O. Cromwell for ejecting of scandalous and ignorant Ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnel, Clerk, Vicar of Box, in the County of Wilts, thou hast then received a heavy charge against my self, amongst others, into one of thy ears, all that I shall beg of thee, is, but to keep the other ear open to hear the Answer, and then bee thou an impartial Umpire between us. Si accusasse sufficiat, &c. If a charge go for proof, none can bee innocent. Mr. Bushnels Book came first to my hand and view on Thursday the sixteenth of August, in the evening; Friday I spent in reading of it, on Saturday I imployed as much time as I could spare from my studies preparatory to the Lords day, in writing my Answer, which on Tuesday, August 21. I delive∣red to a friend to bee transcribed for the Press; I acquaint thee with this, onely, to shew that Truth (needing no invention or art to set it off) may speedily bee spoken without any long study. I shall add no more but those never to bee forgotten words of our blessed Saviour; Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgement.

Thine in the Lord HUMPHREY CHAMBERS.