An answer of Humphrey Chambers, D. D. rector of Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, to the charge of Walter Bvshnel, vicar of Box, in the same county published in a book of his entituled, A narrative of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed by O. Cromwel for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnel, &c. : with a vindication of the said commissioners annexed : humbly submitted to publick censure.
Chambers, Humphrey, 1598 or 9-1662.
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TO THE HONOƲRABLE, Sir Anthony Ashlie-Cooper, Knight and Baronet: AND, John Earnly Esq; Knights of the Shire for the County of Wilts: As also to the Honourable, the Citizens and Burgesses returned for this present Parliament, for the respective City and Burroughs of the same County.

Honoured and Honourable Gentlemen,

I Account it my great happinesse that Mr. Bushnel of Box having published a heavy charge against the Commiss. of the County of Wilts, appointed for the ejecting of scan∣dalous and ignorant Ministers, and therein bent himself most fiercely against mee as a most grievous offender, hath, by dedicating his Narrative to you, put a necessity upon mee, (unlesse I would plead guilty to all hee Page  [unnumbered] chargeth mee with) to publish my answer, and make you the Judges (which I do with all readinesse and chearfulnesse) be∣tween him and mee. I will not speak a word to fore-stall your judgement, but hum∣bly beg your pardon for my enforced bold∣nesse, in directing this my Answer unto you, at whose feet I lay, and leave it and my self with all content. Whereas Mr. Bushnel, towards the end of his Narrative, having immediately before spoken of mee, by name, and the Commissioners, writes in his Scoffing Dialect, and Character, Page 208. These men (as godly as they are) love dearly to bee fingring mony; for my part (I am sure) I never fingred a farthing, but spent many a pound whilst I was im∣ployed as an Assistant to the Commissioners; and I cannot otherwise apprehend but that all the Commissioners are so free from fingering a penny in the execution of their Commission from first to last, that they are all ready (as I have heard some of them protest they are, and by name Mr. Blis∣set) to purge themselves by oath from this crime, and challenge any man to speak, who Page  [unnumbered] can testifie the contrary of them; I will no further trouble you who are taken up in the weighty affairs of the Nations, where∣in that the Lord would graciously direct and assist you, and that Honourable Court whereof you are members, to act to his glo∣ry, the honour of his Majesty, and the hap∣py establishment of peace, truth, and righ∣teousnesse in our Land, is the earnest prayer of

Your most observant (though unworthy) servant, Humphry Chambers.