Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered : together with an abstract of her arraignment and tryal, written by her self, for the satisfaction of all lovers of undisguised truth.
Cellier, Elizabeth, fl. 1680.

I John Adderley do testifie, That Mr. Anderson was never much concern'd in Mr. Strodes acquaintance, and the more reason I have to believe it, is, for that as he from the beginning of his Imprisonment had notice of Strodes being a great Rogue; so was he not backward of advising me and all he had a kindness for, to shun Strouds Company; so that I look upon that story of Mr. Andersons, offering him 500 Guinneys to take off Bedlows Evi∣dence, to be a meer fiction and revenge for dispossessing him of his Chamber, and indeed, Stroud is so great an abstract of Debauchery and Villany, and hard always been reputed for such, that no Man of any tolerable reputa∣tion ever valued his word or his oath, and that this is the truth, I willingly subscribe, being ready to attest the same upon Oath.

John Adderley.