Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered : together with an abstract of her arraignment and tryal, written by her self, for the satisfaction of all lovers of undisguised truth.
Cellier, Elizabeth, fl. 1680.
June the 10th (80)

The above named Thomas Hill further Deposeth, that upon a Sunday in the Afternoon, a Steward of the Earl of Shaftsburys, who did then live in Al∣dersgate-street (as William Stroud told me) and one Mr. Edward Stroud an Attorney in Lincolns-Inn, came to the Kings-Bench to take the examina∣tion of Mr. William Stroud then a Prisoner, and after they had been lock'd in a Chamber about two hours, they sent for me, to ask me some Questi∣ons relating to what the Prisoner had been Examin'd to, but I not answer∣ing their expectation, we parted.

And after my Lords Steward and Mr. Edward Stroud was gone, I asked the Prisoner Mr. William Stroud, how he could carry it so fairly with Mr. Anderson, when I knew he had given in Articles against him; he told me, he durst do no otherwise than what he did, because if he did not do it, the Earl of Shaftsbury would not get him his Pardon out, he being under a Reprieve for Murther at that time.

Tho. Hill.