Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered : together with an abstract of her arraignment and tryal, written by her self, for the satisfaction of all lovers of undisguised truth.
Cellier, Elizabeth, fl. 1680.
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Malice Defeated: Or a Brief Relation of the Accusation and Deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier, Wherein her Proceedings both before and du∣ring her Confinement, are particularly Rela∣ted, and the Mystery of the Meal-Tub fully discovered. Together with an Abstract of her Arraignment and Tryal, written by her self, for the sa∣tisfaction of all Lovers of undisguised Truth.


Psal. 35.11.12.

False witnesses did rise up against me, they laid to my charge things that I knew not.

They rewarded me Evil for Good, to the spoiling of my Soul.

Psal. 7.14, 16.

Behold he Travelleth with Iniquity, and conceived Mischief, and brought forth Falsehood.

His Mischief shall return upon his own Head, and his violent Dealing shall come down upon his own Pate.

LONDON, Printed for Elizabeth Cellier, and are to be sold at her House in Arundel-street near St. Clements Church, 1680.