Bartholinus anatomy made from the precepts of his father, and from the observations of all modern anatomists, together with his own ...
Bartholin, Thomas, 1616-1680., Bartholin, Caspar, 1585-1629., Walaeus, Johannes, 1604-1649.


FAllopius arrogates unto himself the Invention or first Observation of this Part. And Columbus glo∣riously, as in other things he is wont, attributes it to himself. Whereas nevertheless Avicenna, Albucasis, Ruffus, Pollux and others, have made mention hereof in their Writings.

Some cal it the Nymph, as Actius and*Aegineta. Columbus terms it Dulcedo amo∣ris the Sweerness of Love, and the Sting of Venus; because this part is the chief Seat of Delight in carnal Copulation: which if it be gently touched in such as have long abstained from carnal Embrace∣ments, and are desirous thereof, Seed easily comes away. The Greeks call it Clei∣toris,* others name it Tentigo, others the wo∣mans Yard or Prick: both because it resem∣bles* a Mans Yard, in Situation, Substance, Composit Repletion, with Spirits and

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This TABLE com∣prehends the Sheath of the Womb, the Body of the Clitoris, and the external Female Pri∣vity, both in Virgins, and such as are deflou∣red.

The FIGURES Explained.

  • AA. The Bottom of the Womb dissected cross-waies.
  • BB. The Cavity of the Bottom.
  • C. The Neck of the Womb.
  • D. The Mouth of the Neck in a woman that hath bore a child.
  • EE. The rugged inside of the Neck cut open.
  • FF. The round Ligaments of the Womb cut off.

  • A. The Nymph or Clitoris ra∣ther in its proper Situation.
  • BB. The Hairs of the Privities.
  • C. The Insertion of the Neck of the Bladder near the Pri∣vity.
  • DD. The Privity.
  • EE. The wings of the Privity.
  • FF. The Neck of the Womb cut off.

  • A. The Body of the Clitoris sticking up under the Skin.
  • BB. The outer Lips of the Pri∣vity separated one from a∣nother.
  • CC. The Alae or wings, and the Nymphs likewise separated.
  • D. The Caruncle placed about the Urin-hole (a)
  • EE. Two fleshy Myrtle-shap'd Productions.
  • FF. Membranous Expansions which contain the Chink.

FIG. IV. Presents the Privity of a Girl.
  • a. The Clitoris.
  • bb. The Lips of the Privity.
  • cc. The Wings or Nymphs.
  • d. The Orisice of the Urethra or Piss-pipe.
  • . ff. h. Four Myrtle-shap'd Caruncles.
  • e. The upmost Caruncle which is divided into two, and shuts the Passage of the Piss-pipe.
  • . The Hole of the Hymen or Virginity-skin.
  • . The lowest Caruncle.
  • . The Fundament.
  • k. The Perinaeum.

FIG. V. Letter A. Shews the Membrane drawn cross the Privity, which some have taken to be the Hymen or Virginal-skin.
FIG. VI. Shews the Clitoris separated from the Privity.
  • A. The top of the Clitoris resembling the Nut of a Mans Yard.
  • B. The Fore-skin thereof.
  • CC. The two Thighs of the Clitoris cut off from the pro∣tuberancy of the Hip or Huckle.

FIG. VII. The Clitoris cut asunder athwart, its inward spungy Substance is apparent.
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Erection. And also because it hath somwhat like the Nut and Fore-skin of a Mans Yard, and in some Wo∣men it grows as big as the Yard of a man: so that some women abuse the same, and make use thereof in place of a mans Yard, exercising carnal Copulation one with another, and they are termed Confricatrices Rubsters. •…ich lascivious Practice is said to have been inven∣•…Pbilaenis and Sappho the 〈…〉oetress, is reported to have practised the same. And of these I conceive the Apostle Paul speaks in the I. of Romans 26. And therefore this part is called Contemptus virorum the Contempt of Mankind.

Now the CLITORIS is a small Produ∣ction.*

It is seated in the middle of the Share, in the upper and former end of the great Chink, where

Page  77Its Size is commonly small; it lies hid for the most part under the Nymphs in its beginning, and after∣ward it sticks out a little. For in Lasses that begin to be amorous, the Clitoris does first discover it self. It is in several persons greater or lesser: in some it hangs out like a mans Yard, namely when young Wenches do frequently and continually handle and rub the same, as Examples restifie. But that it should grow as big as a Gooses neck, as Platerus relates of one, is alto∣gether praeternatural and monstrous. Tulpius hath a like Story of one that had it as long as half a mans fin∣ger, and as thick as a Boys Prick, which made her wil∣ling to have to do with Women in a Carnal way. But the more this part encreases, the more does it hinder a man in his business. For in the time of Copulation it swells like a mans Yard, and being erected, provokes to Lust.

Its Substance is not boney (though it was so in a Venetian Courtezan, who* had it cut off, and the hardness whereof did inflame the Yards of the Lovers) but as that of a mans Yard, it consists of two nervous Bodies hard and thick, within porous and spungy (that this part might rise and fall) arising distinctly from the Hip-bones, a∣bout the brims of the said Bones. But they are joyned together about the Share-bone, and make up the Body of the Yard. Its Muscles are, according to Pinaeus three, according to Riolanus* and Veslingus four, like as in a mans Yard, and serving to the same Intent. The two uppermost round ones, rest upon longer Ligaments, and proceed from one and the same place; the two others being lo∣wer, broad, and fleshy, proceed from the Sphincter of the Fundament.

The outmost End or Head, sticking out like the nut of a mans Yard (the rest lying hid) is cal∣led TENTIGO, having an hole as a mans* Yard, but no thoroughfar.

It seems to be covered with a Fore-skin as it were, which is made of a small Skin arising from the Con∣junction of the Wings.

Also it hath Vessels of all sorts brought unto it.*

Veins and Arteries common to it and the Privity, a Nerve from the sixt Conjugation, all more large then the Nature of its Body might seem to re∣quire, to cause an exact Feeling and Erection.

Its Use is to be the Seat of Delectation and Love. And it is like the Froenulum or Bridle* on the Nut of a mans Yard. For by the rub∣bing thereof, the Seed is brought away.

Howbeit Aquapendent conceives that the Use of the Clitoris, is to sustain the Neck of the Womb in the time of Copulation.

Bellonius and Iovius do conceive that this is the part wherein the Aethiopians were wont to circumcise wo∣men. Aetius and Aegineta do shew us how to cut it off, confounding it with the Nymph. And even at this day, the Eastern Nations, in regard of its bignes extra∣ordinary, do sear it, that it may grow no more. And they hire ancient women to perform this Piece of Sur∣gery, which they improperly term Circumcision. And it is to those people as necessary, in regard of the de∣formed greatness of the Clitoris, as it is comely; for at Alcair in Aegypt, Wenches go naked after this Cir∣cumcision, and when they are married, they wear a Smock only. Of which things is also this kind of Circumcision, I have discoursed at large in my Puerpe∣rial Antiquities.