The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.
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Now follows the Famous Chamber of the Ritratti.

Over a Door is a Square of a beautiful Boy, by the hand of Hannibal Carache.

Then follow two Ritrattos, of a Senator and another composing of Musick, the work of Han∣nibal Carache.

Next is a Lady ordering her Locks, or Tres∣ses, by the hand of Titian.

Over these is a Ritratto of P. Paul the third when he was Cardinal; the work of excellent Raphael.

Next is a Ritratto of Diogenes with a writing pen in his hand; a fine thing.

You also see the Ritratto of that Amorous Lady, called L. Antea del Parmeggiano, by his own hand.

Beneath these Squares is a Ritratto of Duke Ranuccio the first▪ by the hand of Carache.

And beneath this again, there is the Picture of a little Girl with a Turbant on her head, the work of Giulio Romano.

Next is the Picture of Cardinal Farnese, by the hand of Carache.

Below the said Cardinal is anether Ritratto of Duke Pietro Alovigi, the work of Raphael Ʋrbin.

Then follow on the third Front two Ritrattos, by Parmeggianino.

In the middle between these two Ritrattos is another Picture of the abovesaid Duke Pietro Alovigi Farnese, by the hand of Titian.

Page  126 There are two little Ritrattos by the hand of Parmeggianino.

Next is the Picture of a Souldier, by the same hand.

There is also another Souldier in Armour, by the hand of Giulio Romano.

Over the Door you may see the Ritratto of Alexander the Great, the work of Titian.

Behind a Window is a Ritratto of a Philoso∣pher, by Andrea del Sarto.

Over the Window are two Ritrattos, one of which is the Duke of Ferrara, the works of Titian.

In another Piece is the Picture of a Priest, by Parmeggianino.

Then follows the Picture of Paul the third, in little, the work of Titian.

Next to this follow two Ladies, by the hand of Parmeggianino.

On the other side of the Window are three Heads, by Titian.

There is also the Picture of Frà Sebastian del Piambo, a Painter, the work of Giorgione.

And over this same is a Picture of a Shagged Spaniel, by Parmeggianino.