The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.

The City of Vicenza.

The Church of S. Rocco.

THe great Altar-piece is a most fair work of Giacomo Bassano.

The Church of S. Leuterio.

In like manner you see the great Altar-piece, by the same Bassano.

The Church of S. Croce.

Where there is another Picture by the afore∣said Giacomo.

Ʋnder the publick House of the Piazza.

There is an History of Noah with his Daugh∣ters, by Paris Bordone.

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The Refectory of Madonna di Monte, Frati.

In this you see a great Square which repre∣sents a Feast, in which is the Redeemer, a most fair work of the most excellent hand of Paulo Veronese.

All that are curious omit not the seeing of this piece.

The Church of the Fathers Teatini.

Here you may observe in a Chapell a most fair piece, by old Palma.

The Church of S. Corona, Fathers Dominicans.

The Altar-piece here with the three Magi, is by Paulo Veronese.

There are also in this same City several works upon the Walls in Fresco, by Pordenone.