The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.
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The City of Treviso.

The Domo.

HEre you see the Histories of the Nativity, and Resurrection of Christ, singular works of Paris Bordone.

There is another rare Picture of the Annun∣ciation, by the hand of Titian.

The Church of S. Francis.

Here you may observe a Picture, by Paris Bordone.

The Church of S. Girolamo.

Where you admire another Picture, by the aforesaid Paris Bordone.

The Church of All-Saints.

There are also divers works of the abovesaid Master.

As likewise one Piece of Giacomo Bassano.

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The Church of S. Paul.

Here in like manner are singular works, and worthy of all admiration, by the same Paris Bordone.

The Church of S. Magdalen.

The great Altar-piece represents Christ as he appeared to Mary Magdalen, the work of Paulo Veronese.

The Church of S. Augustine.

Here is an admirable Picture of S. Giachino, S. Anne, S. James, and S. George, the work of Paulo Veronese.

In the Refertory of the Nunnery there is a a Square which demonstrates the Marriage of Cana in Galilee, by the hand of the aforesaid Paulo Veronese.

The Mountaine of Piety in the aforesaid City.

Here they preserve a Christ with a little An∣gel, a most singular work, by the hand of Gi∣ergone.