The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.
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The ISLANDS Adjacent to VENICE.

The Island of Murano.

The Church of S. Peter Martyr, Fathers Dominicans.

ENtring this Church, on your left hand you see a Square near unto the Picture of Rosa∣rio, where you find A Victory against the Turks, with the Blessed Virgin in the Sky, and other Saints, by the hand of Paulo Veronese.

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The Nuns Church of the Madonna de gli Angeli.

BElow the Organ there is an Ovall with four Angels singing; a most fair work of Paulo Veronese.

There is also a Square with S. Girolamo, by Paulo Veronese.

After that is the great Altar-piece, where you find the Annunciation, a superb work of Pordenon.

The Church of the Des Messe.

In which are to be seen three Squares, by Tintoret.

In one is The coming of the Magi.

In another is the Presentation at the Temple.

The third is the Adultery.

The Nuns Church of S. James.

Here are seen three Pictures by Paulo Vero∣nese.

That of the great Altar represents divers Saints, with a most beautiful Glory of Angels.

The second on the right hand of the great Altar represents the Visitation of S. Elizbeth.

That on the left hand demonstrates Christs resurrection.

Page  90 The Organ is rarely painted, by Paulo Ve∣ronese.

The Church of S. John.

The great Altar-piece represents S. John Bap∣tizing of Christ, the work of Tintoret.

Before we part from Murano let us go see the Palace of the Trevisano, and we shall see some of the beautifullest works that ever were painted by the singular pencil of Paulo Veronese.

The Island of Mazorbo.

The Nuns Church of S. Katherine.

THe great Altar-piece is a singular work of Paulo Veronese.

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The Island of Burano.

The Nuns Church of S. Mauro.

THe great Altar-piece of this Church, is the work of Paulo Veronese.

The Island of Torcello.

The Nuns Church of S. Anthony.

THere are such beautiful pieces in this Church, that they are worth coming a long journey to see, and they are of the most noble pencil of Paulo Veronese.

The great Altar-piece with the two Prophets on the Angels of the said Altar, are by the a∣foresaid Author.

On the left side of the great Altar, and on the Page  92 sides of the Organ you see ten Squares, which represent the life of S. Christina, both inside and outside of the said Organ is adorned with precious Histories, by the hand of the same Paulo.

Over the Altar of Christ there are two Figures in Chiaro Scuro, by the same hand.

The Island of S. Elena.

The Church.

IN the Church here you will admire that most superb piece at the great Altar, where is painted the coming of the Magi, by the hand of Palma.

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The Island of S. Giorgio Maggiore.

The Church.

ENtring the Church at the great Door, the first Picture on the right hand demonstrates the Nativity of Christ, by Giacomo Bassano.

Then follows a Picture of the Martyrs, by the hand of Tintoret.

After this is a Picture on the right side of the Church, where you find the Most holy Trinity crowning the Blessed Virgin, and below are se∣veral Saints, by Tintoret.

There is in like manner on the left side of the Church, right against to that aforesaid, with the Martyrdom of S. Stephen by Tintoret.

Then follows on the same side, the Resur∣rection of Christ, with the Pictures of divers Se∣nators, by Tintoret.

Now follow the two great Squares which are on the sides of the great Altar, one of which represents the Supper of our Lord with the Apostles, in the other is Manna falling in the Desert, by the same Tintoret.

After this you go into the Chapell of the De∣fonti, where you see a Picture of Christ taken from the Cross, by the aforesaid Author.

Page  94 Afterwards in the Refectory is that most mar∣vellous and large Square which represents the Marriage of Cana in Galilee; this, if I may so say, is a wonder of the World, and whoso∣ever comes to Venice and departs without a sight of this Picture, may by said to have seen nothing, and it is done by the most excellent and noble hand of Paulo Veronese.

The Island of the Giudecha.

The Church of the Redentore.

IN this Church you see two Pictures of Tin∣toret.

One demonstrates the Ascension of our Lord with the Apostles.

The other is the Scourging of Christ at a Pil∣lar.

Afterwards as you enter the Monastery, you see a Square over the Oratory with Christ sitting, with the Apostles kneeling, and other Saints, by the aforesaid Tintoret.

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The Refectory of S. James, Fathers Serviti.

The Roof of this is painted by Paulo Vero∣nese divided into three Partitions.

One demonstrates the Annunciation.

That in the middle, the Assumption of the B. Virgin, with the Father Eternal in the Cry∣stalline Heaven surrounded with Legions of An∣gels.

The third is the Visitation of S. Elizabeth, and are works really beautiful.

The Nuns Church of S. Cosmo and S. Damiano.

As you enter, you see on your left hand the B. Virgin in the Sky, and the two Saints, S. Ce∣cilia, S. Theodoro, and a S. Marina.

In a Chapell on the right hand of the great Altar there is another Picture with Christ on the Cross, and the Maries, both one and the other are by Tintoret.