The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.

Quartier di Dorso Durro.

The Church of S. Pantaleon Preti.

ON the left hand of the Organ there is a large Square with S. Bernard curing ma∣ny sick of the Plague; a rare work of Paulo Veronese.

Another Picture of S. Bernard, is by Paulo Ve∣ronese.

The great Altar-piece with S. Pantaleon curing a Sick man, and a Priest, by Paulo Veronese.

The Church of the Carmine Frati.

On the top of the Organ you see two oblong Pieces, in one is the Annunciation, the other is the Nativity of Christ, by the hand of Andrea Schiavone.

In like manner upon the top of the little Quire, right against the aforesaid Organ, you see two other oblong pieces, one is the coming Page  78 of the Magi; the other is the Circumcision of our Lord, by the hand of the aforesaid Schia∣vone.

There is another Picture of the Circumcision of our Lord, by the hand of Tintoret.

The Nuns Church of S. Maria Maggiore.

The great Altar-piece represents the Assum∣ption of the B. Virgin, with the Apostles, by the hand of Paulo Veronese: a singular thing.

Afterwards on the sides of the aforesaid Al∣tar there are three great Squares.

One represents when the Priest scourges Joa∣chin out of the Temple for having no offspring.

In another is the Espousal of the B. Virgin with Joseph,

In the third is the Visitation of the three Ma∣gi; all three by the hand of bold Tintoret.

In a Chapell on the left hand of the great Altar you see the Picture with the famous S. John Baptist, by Titian.

Entring this Church at the great Door, and being past the first Altar on the right hand, there is a Square which represents the Ark of Noah, by the hand of Giacomo Bassano: it contains all the several kinds of living Creatures and is rec∣koned to be one of the finest Pictures in the world.

After this there are four Squares placed on four Pillars of the Church; they signifie the four Seasons of the Year, by the hand of the same Bassano.

Page  79 There are also two Squares on the sides of that Door which opens to the Canalle.

One represents the Adultress before Christ.

In the other is the Centurion prostrated before the Redeemer.

And in a lesser Square upon a Pillar, there is Christ in the Garden upheld by an Angel, they are all three by Paulo Veronese.

In the Sacristie there is an Ecce Homo, by Paris Bordone.

The Nuns Church of Terrese.

The Round which is in the middle of the Roof, with the Madonna in the Sky and Angels round about, with three Saints below, and the four compartements adjoyning the abovesaid Round, containing the four Evangelists; all this is a singular good work of Andrea Schiavone.

The Church of S. Nicholas Preti.

Upon the Roof over the great Altar, there is a Round, where S. Nicholas is carried into Heaven by the Angels, with the Picture of Faith, and a multitude of Angels and Cherubins, by the hand of Paulo Veronese.

Entring this Church at the great Door, on the left hand over a side Door of the Church, upon the Roof there is a Round, and a lesser Round on each side of the great one. In the great one is the Eternal Father with many Angels. In Page  80 one of the lesser is the B. Virgin, in the other is the Angel Annunciating, with other four Rounds containing the four Evangelists.

The Church of S. Sebastian.

Joining to the little Door which is not far from the great one, you see the Picture of S. Nicholas, a Bishop, and an Angel, the work of Titian.

At the farthest Altar on the same side you see a Picture with Christ upon the Cross, by Paulo Veronese.

On the other side of the Church there is a Picture of St. John Baptizing of Christ, by Paulo.

Then follows another Picture of Christ when he appeared to the two Disciples going into Emaus, by Andrea Schiavone.

The Walls of the Church are all painted in Fresco with Pillars, Statues, and other ornaments of Architecture, by Paulo Veronese.

All the great Chapell is by the same Paulo, the Cuppola and the Tribunal are painted in Fresco.

The great Altar-piece represents the B. Virgin with her Son, and Angels in the Sky; and below are the Saints Sebastian, S. Katherine, S. John Baptist, S. Francis, and S. Peter.

The great Square on the right hand of the great Altar represents S. Mark and S. Marcellin going with S. Sebastian (who is in Armour) and comforting him to his Martydom.

Page  81 In another Square on the left hand you see the above-named Saint bound to a Machine of wood, coming to be Martyred, and the false Priests per∣swading him to worship their Idols, with many standers by: all the aforesaid works are the fairest that ever were done by the most noble hand of Paulo Veronese.

Afterwards are the Doors of the Organ, on the outside is painted the Circumcision of our Lord, and within is Christ curing one sick of the Palsie, works so fair that they stand in no need of commendation.

Upon the top of the Organ you may observe a little Square with the Nativity of Christ, one as well as the other are most graceful pieces of great Paulo.

Let us cast our eyes upon the Roof, which is all painted by the aforesaid Paulo.

The first Square demonstrates Queen Esther going into the presence of King Ahasuerus, ac∣companied with many Waiting-maids.

In the middle Square is the King Ahasuerus frowning on Queen Esther.

In the third you see Mordecai conducted to Haman, by the order of the King.

As you goe into the Sacristie on the left hand over the Door of a little Chapell you may see a little Square with S. Girolamo in the Hermitage.

In the Sacristie, the middle partition of the Coronation of the B. Virgin, and the four other partitions of the four Evangelists, one as well as the other are of Paulo.

There is also another Square of the Chastising of the Serpents, by Tintoret.

Page  82 Let us goe into the Quire, and right against the Door we shall see a Square, which represents S. Sebastian before the god Cletiano, confessing himself to be a Christian.

In front of this Square there is painted over the Door, the same Saint beaten with Clubs, a work in Fresco.

Above these Squares there are the four Evan∣gelists, two on either side in Fresco, all these are of Paulo Veronese.

In the Refectory there is the great Feast of Christ in the House of the Pharisee's, 'tis enough, that it is of Paulo Veronese.

The Nuns Church of All-Saints.

The great Altar-piece represents Paradise; and on a little Door of the Tabernacle of the said Altar there is a Christ rising again.

Afterwards are the Doors of the Organ, on the outside of which you see the most noble Vi∣sitation of the Magi; and within are four Doctors of the Church, with Angels playing upon vari∣ety of Instruments.

On the Roof is the Father Eternal, and round about the top of it are divers little Figures, and Histories in Chiaro Scuro, all of them by the most noble hand of Paulo Veronese.

Page  83

The Church of S. Gervaso & Protaso, called S. Trovaso Preti.

The Picture of the Chapell on the right hand of the great Altar, contains S. Anthony the Abbot tempted by Devils, with our Sa∣viour in the Sky succouring the Abbot, the work of Tintoret.

Then follows the other Chapell, on the right hand of it you see the Supper of our Lord with the Apostles, and on the left our Saviour wa∣shing the feet of the Apostles, both of them by Tintoret.

The Church of the Fathers Dominicans, formerly the Jesuites.

Entring at the great Door, at the third Altar on your right hand you may observe a Picture of our Lord upon the Cross, and both the Maries, by the hand of Tintoret.

And upon the Doors of the Organ there is painted Pope Ʋrban the fifth giving of habits to the Fathers Jesuites, by the hand of Ti∣tian.

Page  84

The Church of the Hospital of the Incurabili.

In which is seen a Picture with S. Ʋrsula accompanied with her Virgins, and an Holy Bishop, with an Angel in the Sky, the work of Tintoret.

And over a side Door of the Church you may observe a little Square of our Saviour car∣rying the Cross, and an Executioner drawing him along, by the hand of Giorgone.

The Nuns Church of Spirito Santo.

As you enter on your left hand there is a Round of the Image of the B. Virgin, and two little Angels holding a Crown, with S. Girolamo and S. Sebastian in the Clouds, and below is S. Evangelist and S. Augustine.

There is also a Picture of the Visitation of the Magi, both of them are by Tintoret.

The Nuns Church of the Humiltá.

Entring the great Door, at the second Altar on your right hand you will admire a Picture oS. Peter, and S. Paul, a most fair work of Gi∣como Bassano.

Upon the Arch of this Chapell you may ob∣serve Page  85 a Square of Christ taken from the Cross, with the two Marys, a rare work of Tintoret.

At the High Altar on the upper part of the Tabernacle there is a Nativity of our Lord, by Giacomo Bassano.

A little lower upon the frontispiece is a Fa∣ther Eternal, by Paulo Veronese.

And a little lower in the third piece there are two Angels, by Paulo.

On the Portall is the Redeemer with the Globe in his hand, and several Cherubins, by Paulo.

On each side of the abovesaid Portall there is two little Squares. In one there is S. John preaching in the Desert; in the other is the Centurion before Christ, both by Paulo.

Afterwards is the Roof done likewise by Paulo, with three great Histories, and many pieces in Chiaro Scuro.

The first Square over the Quire represents the B. Virgin Annunciated by the Angel.

And in an Ovall in the middle, there is Mary Ascending into Heaven, with the Apostles below.

Then follows the third, which is the Na∣tivity of Christ; all these are marvellous good pieces.

The Church of the Salute.

There is in this Church two Pictures by the hand of great Titian.

In one you will admire the Coming of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles.

Page  86 In the other is S. Mark sitting on high, and below are the Saints Sebastian, S. Rocco, S. Cos∣mo, and S. Damiano.

Upon the Roof over the Quire you see eight Heads by Titian, in a round form.

Let us go into the Sacristie and cast our eyes upon the Roof, and we shall see three Squares by Titian.

In the first is David cutting off the Head of Goliab.

In the second is the Sacrifice of Abraham and Isaae.

In the third is Cain slaying his Brother Abel. All singular works of the Author.

And below is a great Square of the Marriage in Cana in Galilee, by furious Tintoret.

The Church of the Most holy Trinity, near to the Saluté.

There are thirteen Squares of Tintores, viz.

The Eternall Father creating the World.

The Forming of Adam and Eve.

The Tempting of Adam.

Cane slaying Abel.

The four Evangelists, in four Squares.

Two Apostles, in two Squares.

The Annunciation in two Squres.

In the Sacristie there is a little Square of the Most Holy Trinity. All singular works of the same Author.

Page  87

The School of Charity.

Here is a very large Square of the Blessed Vir∣gin ascending the Stairs of the Temple, with many other Figures, a divine work of great Titian.