The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.

The Nuns Church of S. Maria Maggiore.

The great Altar-piece represents the Assum∣ption of the B. Virgin, with the Apostles, by the hand of Paulo Veronese: a singular thing.

Afterwards on the sides of the aforesaid Al∣tar there are three great Squares.

One represents when the Priest scourges Joa∣chin out of the Temple for having no offspring.

In another is the Espousal of the B. Virgin with Joseph,

In the third is the Visitation of the three Ma∣gi; all three by the hand of bold Tintoret.

In a Chapell on the left hand of the great Altar you see the Picture with the famous S. John Baptist, by Titian.

Entring this Church at the great Door, and being past the first Altar on the right hand, there is a Square which represents the Ark of Noah, by the hand of Giacomo Bassano: it contains all the several kinds of living Creatures and is rec∣koned to be one of the finest Pictures in the world.

After this there are four Squares placed on four Pillars of the Church; they signifie the four Seasons of the Year, by the hand of the same Bassano.

Page  79 There are also two Squares on the sides of that Door which opens to the Canalle.

One represents the Adultress before Christ.

In the other is the Centurion prostrated before the Redeemer.

And in a lesser Square upon a Pillar, there is Christ in the Garden upheld by an Angel, they are all three by Paulo Veronese.

In the Sacristie there is an Ecce Homo, by Paris Bordone.