The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ...
Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690., Lodge, William, 1649-1689.

The Palace of S. Mark.

AS you walk above to the College Cham∣ber, you see four Squares in the four cor∣ners.

In one of these is represented Vulcan and Cy∣clops as they are working at the Anvil.

In another is Mercury with the three Graces.

In the third is Pallas compelling Mars to keep the Peace, with the Picture of Plenty.

In the fourth is Ariana Crowned by Venus, with a Crown of Stars. As also a Bacchus with other Figures.

Page  46 Upon the Roof is a Square of S. Luke the Evangelist, and a *Venetia confer∣ring together, as al∣so a Picture of Ju∣stice, and aDoge.

There are likewise divers little Histories in Chiaro Scuro, with little Boys, painted by the hand of Tintoret, very fair works.

Let us enter another Chamber, and we shall find on our right hand, a great Square of Titian, which represents the Picture of Faith upon the Clouds, with three little Ange's, and below is S. Mark, and an armed Doge kneeling.

All the Roof is to be reckoned amongst the master-pieces of Tintoret.

After this Chamber you go into that of the College, and in the Anti-Chamber you see upon the Roof a most beautiful Square of Paulo Vero∣nese, in some compartements it is Azured in Chiaro Scuro; where are other Figures of the same Author.

Then follows the Royal Chamber of the Col∣lege, where you will admire upon the Roof the * Thundering of Jupiter, by the most noble hand of Paulo Veronese.

The Square which is in Front, is of the same Paulo, and all the other about are of Tinto∣ret.

We go out of the College and enter into the Chamber of the Pregadi, where will be admired the great Square which is above the Tribunall,Page  47 with the Dead Redeemer upheld by Angels, with many Saints, and other Figures And two Fi∣gures in Chiaro Scuro, about the entrance at the great Door.

On the left hand is found a Figure in Chiaro Scuro, which represents Peace.

And there is near to that a Square of the Blessed Virgin in the Sky. S. Mark, S. Peter, and S. Lewis, and a Doge kneeling.

And that great Square on the middle of the Roof with a Venetia upon the Clouds, com∣passed about with a multitude of Gods, and o∣ther Figures, is the work of furious Tintoret.

After this we go into the Chapell behind the College-Chamber, and before your entrance you see over the Door, Christ risen from the dead, by the aforesaid Tintoret.

And within this Chapell you see a Christ in Emaus at Table with the two Disciples; this is the work of great Titian.

Let us enter into the Chambers of the Coun∣cil of Ten, and we shall see in the first of them, on the middle of the Roof, a great Oval of na∣ked Figures; some of the fairest works, done by Paulo Veronese.

Upon the same Roof you see several Vani (or Compartments) in one of which you see a Juno pouring from Heaven great quantities of Jew∣els and Crowns, and below stands a Venetia, in a posture receiving those gifts.

In another Square is to be admired a beauti∣ful Juno, holding her hands on her breast, toge∣ther with an old Man holding his right arm un∣der his chin, both which are the works of Paulo.

Page  48 There are also four Figures around the middle Ovall, in Chiaro Scuro, three of these are done by Paulo.

After this first great Chamber, you enter into a lesser, where in the middle compartment is a most beautiful Square, with six Histories, every one painted in Chiaro Scuro, by Paulo Veronese. Rare things.

In the uppermost Chamber of the said Coun∣cil you see upon the Roof, several fair works, by Paulo.

Afterwards you go into another Chamber, the Roof of which is all painted by Tinto∣ret.

And in this same Chamber, over the Tribunal is a Madonna with Christ, and an Angel, by the hand of Raphael.

In this Chamber over a Door, you see a Ma∣donna with the Child, S. Magdalen, S. John Bap∣tist, S. Catherine, and another Figure kneeling, the work of old Palma.