Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
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To the Ingenious Mrs. BARKER, On Her Excellent POEMS.

LOng since my Thoughts did thus for boding tell,
The Muses wou'd their Governours expell,
And raise a Female Heir unto the Crown,
One of their Sex to sit upon the Throne:
And now the time is come, we joy to see
We're Subjects to so great a Queen as thee;
Before in all things else we did submit,
(Madam) in all things else but only Wit:
Such was our vain Self-love, and stubborn Pride,
But Heav'n was pleas'd to take the weakest side.
And now as Captives to our Conquerour,
We must surrender all into your Pow'r,
Not daring to keep back the smallest part,
But own with shame, and praise your great Desert.
Nor are you so desirous of the Bays,
As to deny Others deserved Praise;
Page  [unnumbered]But giving them an Everlasting Name,
You merit to your self a nobler Fame;
While your own Glory you so much neglect,
And Others with such skill and care protect,
More lasting Trophies to your self erect.
But ah, how high your Fancy takes its flight,
Whilst they admire at you, gone out of sight:
So all in Fire Elijah fled unkind,
And left Elisha wond'ring here behind:
They, like Elisha, for a Blessing call,
You hear their Pray'rs, and let the Mantle fall.
With this they strange unheard-of things can doe,
Had they a fiery Coach, they'd be Elijah's too.
Farther oblige the World (good Madam) still
By divine Raptures of your warbling Quill.
Restore the Muses, and true Poetry,
And teach what Charms do in true Measures lye:
And when you find a time best to retreat,
Spin out into a Web of Fancy, and of Wit.
Let me your Muse a Legacy inherit,
A double Portion of your sacred Spirit.

C. G.