Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
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BOOKS lately Printed for Benj. Crayle, at the Peacock and Bible at the West-end of St. Paul's.

I. THE Glory of God's Revenge against the bloody and detestable Sins of Murther and Adultery, Ex∣pressed in Thirty Modern Tragical Histories: To which are annexed the Triumphs of Friendship and Chastity, in some Illustrious Examples, with several Letters interwo∣ven, suitable to each Story. By Tho. Wright, M. A. sometime Moderator of St. Peter's Colledge, Cambridge. Octavo.

II. Delightfull Novels, Exemplified in Eight choice and Elegant Histories, lately related by the most Refined VVits, with Interludes. Twelves Price 1. S.

III. Tentamina E••gantiarum ia or Two Essays of Ele∣gancies; Principaly 〈◊〉or ••e riging of Scholars, after they can Read and Wi•• true Gamatical Latin,o a full and clear ud••sanding, and wri••ng of Terse and Polite Latin; but aso ••y e a 〈…〉 Gntlemen in their Elegant composing f English and Latin Epistles, &c. Octavo. Price 1. S.

IV. A Nose-gay of Divine Truths, wherein the chief Points oReligion are discussed. Printed French and English. Twelves.

V. The Church of England evidently proved a Mem∣ber of the Holy Catholick Church; wherein the Doctrine of Arians, Socinians, and Anabapists are Answered and Con∣futed, and the Presbyterians proved Schismaicks: wih some Reasons of the Reverend Dr. Tillotson against Pers∣cution meerly for Religion. Both by P. B. formerly of the Order of St. Francis, now a Convert to the Church of En∣gland. Twelves.

VI. The Beauty o Holiness: By the Auhour of the Whole Duy o Man, &c. Octavo.

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