Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

The Innocent Discov'ry.

The Air was calm, the Sky serene and clear,
Kindly the Lamps of Heaven did appear.
Faintly their Light some weak Reflexes made
On the clos'd Casements, which to Eyes betray'd,
Nought, but a dying Tapers glim'ring light,
Befitting well that season of the night.
Sleep having welcom'd ev'ry weary'd limb
And gentle silence waiting upon him.
Page  233Under Olinda's blest Apartment, I
(To ease my never-ceasing Malady)
Took up my well-strung Lute, some Ayrs to play;
Ayrs soft as sleep, and pleasing as the day.
On silence I no sooner made a Breach,
Than the joy'd Sound her sacred Ears did reach;
Willing to know who had disturb'd her Rest,
Came to the Window like Aurora drest,
In splendour; only let this diff'rence be,
That fair Olinda brighter was than she.
Lest I should see her (Ah, dear Innocence)
Puts out the Candle, but th' Impertinence
Of the vain plot did make me wonder more,
For I beheld her plainer than before:
She only had remov'd the Moon away,
That hinder'd me of a more perfect day:
Th' Eclipse, when gone, discover'd to my sight
A better prospect of the Sun's strong light.