Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  228

The Agreement.

CLose by a Silver Rivulet,
Grac'd with rich Willows, mournfull Daphne sate,
Leaning her melancholy Head
On the sad Banks o an Enamell'd Mead,
O'er-charg'd with Griefs her Heart,
Her Eyes o'er-charg'd with Tears,
For an intolerable smart,
For daily pains, and nightly fears,
For most uncertain hopes, and sure despairs,
'Gainst Tyrant Love a long complaint she made,
Whilst each sad Object did her sorrows aid.
Then Three-heart rending sighs she drew,
Deeper than ever Poet's Fiction knew;
And cruel, cruel Thyrsis said,
Why thus unkind to an enamour'd Maid?
A Maid whose Breast abounds
With kindness, that can move
By dire, and miserable sounds,
Page  229Compliance from the very Grove,
Whilst my Heart labours to conceal its Love:
But oh in curst Despair first let me dye,
E'er he, by loving me, inds misery.
Then three more dismal Groans she took,
Whose cruel noise, like a great Earthquake, shook
The neighbouring Plebean Wood,
Which to commiserate her sorrows stood,
I'll tortur'd be no more,
No more I'll grieve in vain;
Inrag'd with furious Heat, she swore,
These silent streams shall ease my pain,
And I'll no more 'gainst him, and Love complain:
Witness these lonely Fields, how I have lov'd,
And for his sake this fatal Med'cine prov'd.
Iust with thick trouble in her face,
Descending from the miserable place,
Thyrsis, to save the Nymph appears,
His Eyes half drown'd with over-flowing Tears.
Page  230Thyrsis (alas) had heard
The Maid repeat her Woe:
Thyrsis the consequence too fear'd;
Ah, why do'st thou my Passion know?
(Sad Daphne said) loose me, and let me go,
Where at some rest, for ever I may be,
And not despis'd by a Triumphing He.
Ah, Cruel Nymph (griev'd Thyrsis cries
With dolefull Face, and lamentable Eyes)
Cou'd you, O cou'd you thus undo
A Swain, who secretly has burnt for you?
With joy she stops him here,
Brighter her Eyes became,
And her all-clouded Face grew clear,
Then (blushing said) I am to blame,
Since you for Daphne had a private flame:
Pleas'd with this blest discovery, both agree
Their Mutual Love no more conceal'd shou'd be.