Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
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Translated out of Tibullus.

Nulla tuum nobis subducet foemina lectum, Hoc primum, &c.
MY Love to thee no Beauty shall betray,
For it is firmly ix't, and cannot stray.
None, none seems fair methinks in all the Town,
But thee; thou pleasest, and delight'st alone.
I wish indeed that none thy Charms could see,
And they were undiscern'd by all, but me;
So might I love with some securitie.
I wish not to be envy'd, nor desire
That any should my blessed state admire.
The Wise-man loves a secret Happiness;
For to be publick, makes it but the less.
"With thee for ever I in Woods would rest,
"Where never humane Foot the ground has prest.
Thou who forbid'st Disquiets to intrude,
"Who from Nights-shades the Darkness canst ex∣clude,
"And from a Desert banish Solitude.
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Shou'd Heav'n it self conspire to change my Love,
And send me down a Mistriss from above,
Adorn'd with all the Beauties of the Skies,
In vain she would attempt to charm my Eyes,
Ev'n Venus self I would for thee despise.
This I most solemnly by Iuno swear,
Whom you to all the other Gods prefer.
Hold, Mad-man, hold! what do I do? what say?
But I have sworn, confest, and must obey.
Fool that I was, my Fear has led me on
To this grand senceless indiscretion.
Now thou hast conquer'd, and may'st tyrannize,
With all the Pow'rs of thy resistless Eyes;
While I but dote the more: Yes, brainless Sot,
This by thy foolish babling tongue th'ast got.
But I submit, command me what you will,
I am your most obedient Servant still.
Thy hardest Mandates I will ne'er refuse,
But the delightfull well-known Bondage chuse.
Only to Venus Altars I'll repair,
And there my Love, and there my Faith declare;
She punishes the false, the just do's spare.