Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

PSALM the CXXXIX. Paraphras'd from Verse the 7. to Verse the 13.

WHere shall I ind a close conceal'd Abode?
Or how avoid an Everlasting God!
Whither, O whither, can a Sinner flee,
Almighty Lord, from thy Ubiquitie!
How from thy Omnipresence can he hide,
Since ev'ry-where thy Spirit do's reside?
Would I ascend to Heaven, ev'n there
Do's thy Refulgent Glory most appear;
Thy Light do's there ill the unbounded space,
And there dost thou thy bright Pavilion place;
At thy right hand, thy dear, thy darling Son
Sits, and thy Spirit hovers o'er the Throne;
Page  208While Hallelujahs to their God, and King,
Myriads of Blessed Saints and Angels sing.
Would I, to shun thee, dive to deepest Hell,
Ev'n there thy Horrours, and thy Iudgments dwell;
Thy Terrours there the wretched Damn'd invade,
No Bed of Rest or Refuge there is made;
For ever there thy Triumphs do remain,
(Which, Satan to forget, still strives in vain)
E'er since for Man thou didst Redemption gain,
And by thy Death both Death and Hell were slain.
Cou'd I with wings fly to the utmost Sea,
Swift as the Light, which brings approaching day;
Swift as the Dawn, which do's it self disperse,
In half a Day, through half the Universe.
Ev'n this a vain and fond Design would prove,
Nor from thy just Protection could I move;
For the wide World's most large circumference,
Is circumscrib'd by thy vast Providence.
Thy Goodness me from dang'rous Ills would save,
And lead me safely o'er each angry Wave.
Thy right hand would conduct me through all harms,
Thou wouldst protect me in thy mighty Arms.
Page  209Under thy Wings I should in quiet sleep,
Though toss'd and threaten'd by the dreadfull Deep.
Would I propose to hide me from thy sight,
In an Egyptian Darkness, and thick Night?
A glorious Splendour, and a Light divine,
From out of that thou wouldst command to shine;
Thou wouldst that blackest Cov'ring make as bright
As the gay Beams of the Sun's dazling Light;
From thee the Night can no concealment be,
For Night and Day are still the same to thee:
Therefore in vain fond Men attempt to run
From thee, and thy Eternal Presence shun.
Thou unconfin'd thy self, do'st all confine;
For all is full of thee, and all is thine.