Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  241


IN vain I strive, with Buis'ness, to remove
The pleasing Tormens of incroaching Love;
Drest in such beauteous Forms, still He appears,
With sweet Delusions, charming all my Fears;
So strongly he allures, and do's invite
To follow distant Pleasures, scarce in sight;
That his dear Witchcraft I want strength to shun,
But yield, with vast delight, to be undone.
Such strange Inchantments the sly Boy do's use,
His Chains, before my Liberty, I chuse.
And though my Ruin, I before me spy,
I'd perish, rather than turn back to fly:
So wretched Sailers, in an open Sea,
By Treach'rous Syrens, led an unknown way,
See the ensuing Storms, their Songs create,
Yet want the Pow'r t' avoid their certain Fate.