Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.


OH, take not this sweet Kiss so soon away,
But on these Lips let me for ever stay,
This Food, Love's Appetite, can ne'er destroy,
'Tis too AEtherial to cloy:
The Manna, from Indulgent Heav'n,
Which to the murm'ring Iews was giv'n,
Did not so many Delicates afford,
As in one Kiss of thine are stor'd:
But it resembles something more Divine,
Like that above, on which bright Angels Dine;
Page  240Where, an Eternal Meal by them's enjoy'd,
And yet, with glutted fullness, never cloy'd.
Me therefore do not you deprive
Of my Lifes chief preservative;
Though I confess that it affords to me
More than a bare subsistencie:
For thy dear Kiss, a kind of tast do's give,
How all the blest above do live;
And I methinks, when e'er I joyn
My happy Lips to sacred thine;
Am with the joy transported so,
That perfectly I do not know,
Whether my ravish'd Soul be fled, or no:
But this I certainly can say, I feel
Pleasures that are unspeakable.
Tell me, Graciana, pritee doe,
For only you the truth can know.
If on thy Lips dwell such prevailing Charms,
And in thy Kisses such delights abound;
What Ecstasies, what Raptures will be ound,
Within the Magick Circle of thy Arms.