Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  192

THE YOUNG LOVER's ADVOCATE: BEING An Answer to a Copy of Verses.

TOo rigid, too censorious and severe,
Your unjust scruples plainly do appear.
Why shou'd you question that most sacred Vow,
Which in sincerity I made but now?
Did I not Vow by all the Pow'rs above,
None but Galaecia shou'd but obtain my Love?
I did, and made a Cov'nant with my Eyes,
No other Beauties shou'd my Heart surprize.
And may those Pow'rs their vengeance from above,
Show'r on my head, when e'er I perjur'd prove:
A thousand Deaths I'd rather chuse to dye,
Than once my Faith to break or falsifie.
Page  193Not all your Sexes charms shall tempt me more,
No other Object shall my Soul adore.
Thy Sex, alas! is but a Lottery,
Where thousand Blanks for one true Prize we see.
And since kind Fate has giv'n me such a Lott,
Think you I'll hazard what's so hardly got?
No, rather think me constant as the Sun,
Who never sts, till he his race hath run:
Firm as the Centre, as the Poles unmov'd,
Faithfull as honest Swains to their Belov'd.
But you alledge for Love I am too green,
Though two years turn'd, and upwards of Eighteen.
Alas, too long I think I've been debarr'd,
And five years since Love's pleasures shou'd have shar'd:
Lovers as young as me I can produce,
As Precedents to warrant my Excuse.
The Famous Sappho summ'd up all her joy
In the Embrace of a Sicilian Boy.
The Queen of Greece lov'd Theseus but a Lad,
And Cytharea her Adonis had:
Nay Love himself, that God, is but a Child;
Shall I for want of Years then be Exil'd?
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Yea, I have heard fair Virgins say, in truth,
Of all that love, give me the smooth-chinn'd Youth:
My tender years my innocence may prove,
And non-acquaintance with the Wiles of Love.