Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  190

ON THE Most Charming GALECIA's PICTURE.(a)

HAppy the Hand, which to our longing sight,
Presents that Beauty, which the dazling light
Of your bright Charms, do's hide from weaker Eyes,
And all access (save by this Art) denies.
'Tis only here our Sight hath strength to view
Those Beauties, which do terminate in you.
By this your great Perfections we conceive,
The Gracious Image seeming to give leave;
Which daily by your Votaries is seen,
And by the Muses has saluted been.
Who, whilst an Infant, placed in your Hand
The Bays so many strove for in this Land.
Wisely fore-seeing your Poetick Pen,
Might claim the primacy of th'wittiest Men.
Page  191〈◊〉 you th' extreams of Pow'r and Beauty move,
ho are the Quintessence and Soul of Love.
s the bright Sun (whose distant Beams delight)
f equal Glory to your Beauties light;
s wisely plc'd in so sublime a seat,
'extend his light, and moderate his heat.
o happy 'tis you move in such a Sphere,
Which do's not over-come our sence, but chear:
And in our Breasts do's qualifie that fire,
Which kindled by those Eyes, hd flamed higher,
Than when the scorched World like hazard run,
By the approach of the ill-guided Sun.
Such Eyes as yours on Iove himself have thrown,
As bright and fierce a lightning as his own.