Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

On a ROSE sticking on a Ladies Breast.

SWeet fading Flower, that with the Sun's uprise
Unfold'st thy Bud, and in the Ev'ning dyes.
Swell now with beauteous pride, and let thy bright
And blushing Leaves joy and refresh our sight.
Incorporate thy sweet and fragrant smell,
With those refreshing Odours there do dwell.
Blest, ah for ever blest be that fair Hand,
That did transplant thee to that Sacred Land.
Oh happy Rose, that in that Garden rests,
That Paradise betwixt that Ladies Breasts:
There's an Eternal Spring, where thou shalt lye,
Betwixt two Lilly Mounts, and never dye:
There thou shalt spring among the fertile Vallies,
By buds, like thee, that grow in midst of Allies;
Page  189There none dare pluck thee from that sacred place,
Nor yet attempt thy Beauty to deface.
If any, but approach, strait doth arise
A most surprizing light, which blasts his Eyes;
There, 'stead of Ruin, shall living Fountains flow,
For Wind her fragrant Breath for ever blow:
Nor now, as wont, shall one bright Sun thee cheer,
But two conjoyn'd, which from her Eyes appear.
Oh then, what Monarch wou'd not think't a Grace,
To leave his Regal Throne to have thy place.
My self to gain thy blessed seat, do Vow,
Wou'd be transform'd into a Rose, as thou.