Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  177


TEmpt me not with your Face that's fair,
Nor Lips and Cheeks, though red;
I neither prize them, nor your Hair,
Which in its Curls is laid.
Nor value I your Pencils fame,
For Nature it exceeds;
And Lillies do your Beauties stain,
Roses your Lips and Cheeks.
Nor prize I your Seraphick Voice,
That like an Angel sings;
Though if I were to take my choice,
I would have all these things.
But if that you wou'd have me love,
You must be true as Steel;
Or else in vain my Heart you move,
Your Charms I cannot feel.
Page  178III.
But since, fair Nymph, you're fickle grown,
I'll change too with the Wind;
Sometimes in Storms of Love I'll frown,
Sometimes be calm and kind.
My Proteus Love shall frown and play,
As subtle Foxes doe;
Till they have seiz'd th' unwary Prey,
But then shall kill like you.
A Courtier's Tongue for Flattery,
A Poet's Brain for Wit;
A Womans Breast for Treachery,
For my designs I'll get.
Then through the silly Female flock,
I cunningly will rove;
Thus, thus for once I'll try my luck,
To get their Hate or Love.