Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

A Young Man to an Old Woman, Courting him. In Imitation of a Modern Author.

PEace, doating Wretch, for ever cease thy suit,
Tempt me no more henceforth with musty fruit;
For rotten Medlers please not, whilst there be
Orchards and Gardens in Virginity.
Thy crabbed Stock is too much out of date,
For young and tender Plants t' inoculate.
Can Wedlock e'er endure so great a Curse,
As putting Husbands out to th' Wife to Nurse?
Page  175How pleasantly Poor Robin then wou'd crack,
T' insert our Names within his Almanack;
And think that time had wheel'd about this Year,
So soon December meeting Ianiveer.
So the AEgyptian Serpent figures Time;
And being strip't, returns unto its prime.
If my affection thou design'st to win,
Then cast of first thy Hieroglyphick Skin.
My tender years will not endure (alack)
The fulsome breathings which attend thy smack,
Proceeding ••om some former loathsome Clap.
Could you a Virgins Beauty but regain,
And change your state from Age to Youth again:
Your o'er-blown Face more charming might appear,
And with delight we might embrace each Year.
Perhaps no strife or discord then might be,
Betwixt my pretty Skeleton and Me:
But Metamorphoses are seldom known
In this our Age, since Miracles are gone.
Cease then your Suit, and for the future try,
To heal your Tenant's Leg, or his sore Eye.
So may you purchase credit, fame and thank,
Beyond the foppish Name of Mountebank;
Page  176Or chew thy Cud on some forlorn delight,
Which thou revivest in thy Eighty-eight;
Or be but Bed-rid once, and surely then
Thou'lt dream once more thy youthfull Sins again.
But if that still you needs will be my Spouse,
First hearken, and attend upon my Vows.
"When th' Needle his dear North shall quite for∣sake,
"And Stones a journey to the Sky shall make.
"When AEtna's fires shall mildly undergo,
"The wond'rous penance of the Alps in Snow.
"When Sol shall by a single blast of's Horn,
"From Crab be posted unto Capricorn.
"When th' Heav'ns confus'dly shuffle all in one,
"And joyn the Torrid with the Frozen Zone.
"Be sure, when all these Contradictions meet,
"Then (Sibyl) thou and I will kindly greet.
For all these Similies are understood,
'Twixt youthfull Heat, and thy dull frigid Blood.
So, Madam, Time continue ever Bald,
For I will not thy Perriwig be call'd:
Nor be a Crutch to prop thy tot'ring frame,
Lest th' Fabrick fall'n, from th' Ruins spring my shame.