Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

To CLARINDA on her Incom∣parable Painting and Wax-work. Written Septemb. 1686.

SOar now, my Muse, to an unusual flight,
Whilst fair Clarinda's Skill my Pen excite,
The Wonders of her Pencil to endite.
A modest Poet can't be silent here,
Where so much Art and Excellence appear.
Your active Pencil scorns a constant dress,
It's seen each day in Novelties afresh;
Sometimes you curious Landskips represent,
And arch 'em o'er with gilded Firmament:
Then in IAPAN some Rural Cottage Paint,
You can with equal Skill draw Fiend and Saint.
A genuine sweetness through your Pencil flows,
And charming Pictures to the Life it shows.
Page  173Next Wax-work, Cupid's by your Art made fair,
And sparkling Stars seem hov'ring in the Air,
Supported only by a single Hair.
But your enflaming Eyes shew Stars more bright;
Stars, which may serve those lesser ones to light;
And pretty Cupids dancing there, do dart
More piercing Beams, than those you've made by Art.
A Female Pencil now such Art hath shown,
As neither Sex before could ever own:
For none could yet your matchless Paintings view,
But the same Passions mov'd 'em, which you drew;
And from your Self you copy ev'ry Grace,
For you have all that can adorn each Face:
So like your Pieces to live Objects are,
That if together we should them compare,
Nature her self amaz'd wou'd doubting stand,
To know her own from the Skill'd Painter's hand;
For she the like with less success attempts,
When her own Work in Twins she represents.
Well then may Birds, for real Grapes, mistake
Those pendent Clusters which thy Pencil make.
Page  174Perhaps thy living(a)Plants too they'll neglect,
And fly to these thy Pencil doth project;
For though disrob'd is (b)Nature of her Pride,
Fresh as the Spring thy Painting doth abide:
Thus your Victorious Painting, and your Eyes,
Make Birds, Beasts, Fishes, also Men your prize.