Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.


THE crimson Theam on which I now do treat,
Is not unregistred, or out of date;
No, it's wrote deep in ev'ry Loyal Breast,
And with loud Accents will be still exprest;
Though Time shou'd take more wings, and faster hast
His sudden flight from hence; yet soon as past
Page  13Such Tragick cruelty, this mournfull Theam
In bloody Characters wou'd still remain.
I wish my Pen had ne'er had cause to write
This one day's Prodigie, more black than Night;
The very Fiends themselves are now out-done,
For Men the shape of Devils have put on.
What but the spawn of Hell cou'd thus design!
Or hatch such treachery to undermine
The best of Kings on Earth, nay pull him down
From his own Regal and Establish'd Throne?
What, was there none but Charles the First, the Great
And most indulgent worthiest Potentate,
To vent their rage upon? Oh barb'rous Crew!
A King beheaded! by's own Subjects too!
Ecclesiastical and Civil Writ
Unto the World did ne'er as yet transmit
So Tragical a Scene, or mournfull News,
Save one alone, Iesus the King of th' Iews;
Who was like Charles our Sovereign betray'd,
Whom the same shew of Iustice did degrade:
But now the Iews from these do differ hence,
Their Errours did from Ignorance commence,
Because they thought not Christ their lawful Prince:
Page  14But these curs'd Regicides did fully know
Charles was their King, and had proclaim'd him so
The Antient Fathers always own'd their Prince
God's Representative in Truth's defence.
And since that Kings to God Vicegerents are,
Their Subjects ought true Loyalty to bear,
Who are protected by their Princely care.
But as if Nature had these Miscreants left,
And of Humanity they were bereft;
'Stead of Allegiance, they preach up Intrusion;
Sound a Battalia, and make all confusion;
And then delude and cheat the Common-weal
With a pretence, that all was done through Zeal
Whilst an unnat'ral War they do bgin,
And persevere in their Rebellious Sin,
Till they've intrench'd upon their Soveraign's Rig••
By Usurpation, and by lawless Might.
Then next they seize his Person with pretence,
That they're his chiefest Bulwark of defence;
At last his Head and Crown lop off at once,
Without a Reason, or a just Response.
At which black deed, shou'd th' Elements dissolve
And th' Universal World it self involve
Page  15In present ruin, shou'd th' infernal Lake
Flash out in Flames; Or shou'd the Waters break
Through their strong Banks, and so a Deluge make,
Shou'd Sun and Moon at once Eclipsed be,
And to compleat a full Calamity
Stars fall from Heav'n, and dash in pieces those
Who did their Sov'raign and his Laws oppose:
This we might judge is to their Merit due,
Who such perfidious treachery pursue.
Forgive my passion, if I do transgress
Beyond the limits of true Holiness.
I wish that all effectually repent
This bloody Sin, whereby they may prevent
Those heavy Iudgments which predict th' Event.
And may those Persons, who were Actors in
This cursed Cause against the Father, bring
Their true Obedience to his Son, now King;
That so they may to him, and all his Race,
And to themselves, bring a continu'd Peace:
And after crown'd with honour and success,
At last enjoy Eternal happiness.