Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  10


OH thou Theanthropos! who did'st contain
In one joint Body here both God and Man;
And thou who'rt Alpha and Omega still,
To blazon forth thy Courts, assist my Quill;
Inlarge my Fancy, and transport my Mind,
Above the common pitch of Humane kind.
Oh represent and spread before my Muse
One glimpse of Heav'ns great light, which when she views,
May make her soar in Raptures, and make known
The glorious Seat of Heav'ns triumphant Throne
But first, before my Tongue begins to speak
Such unknown joys, which no Man yet cou'd make
A true description of (though Poets have
Feign'd an Elyziums bliss beyond the Grave)
I crave thy pardon for my bold attempt,
In showing Sense what here for Faith was meant,
Like the bright Amathyst and Onyx Stone,
This glorious Fabrick is erected on;
Page  11The entrance Gates of this great Court excell
The most Magnificent and Orient Pearl;
Brighter than burnish't Gold her Walls appear;
Of spangled Stars her Floor and Pavements are;
Her high-built Pillars from the dazling ground,
Look as beset all o'er with Diamond;
Like purest Sardonyx her Roof do's show,
Whilst as green Emeralds are spread below
The blushing Ruby, and the glitt'ring Saphir,
Mix't with bright Chrysolites, and Stones of Iasper,
Make but a poor Resemblance of this light,
Whose gilt and radiant Beams appear too bright;
For ought of humane Race to view or see,
Unless transform'd to Immortalitie.
Thousands of Angels guard the outward Gate
From th' utmost spleen and rage of Devil's hate;
Who keep this Palace from or Siege or Storm,
For all those Martyrs, who have bravely born
With an undaunted patience th' utmost Ill,
That Men or Devils could bethink or will;
But when once past from th' outward Gates, you'll spy
Millions of Angels bless'd Eternally;
Page  12Also Illustrious Cherubs, Seraphins,
Clapping their gilded and rejoycing Wings;
Numbers unnumbred of the Saints in light,
Singing their Hymns to God both day and night;
There nought but simple Love and Rest abide,
All worldly Grief and Cares are laid aside;
Freed from all cross Events, and slavish Fear,
In Ioy and Peace they live for ever there.