Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  140


MAdam, at first I thought,
My Passions might to my Commands be brought,
When, Love me not, you cry'd,
And said in vain I did pursue
The hopes of ever winning you;
So I to slight it try'd,
But 'twou'd not doe;
For in the conflict I was almost crucify'd.
At first did rise
Beauty, which fought me with your pow'rfull Eyes;
And when I had in vain
Driv'n th' Usurper from my heart,
She drew her Bow, and shot a Dart,
Which vanquish'd me again:
What strength of Man, what Art
Cou'd with this Amazon a Combat long maintain.
Page  141III.
Next after her,
Vertue well arm'd for Battle did appear,
Attending on her side,
Charity, Mercy, Eloquence,
Wit and a Virgin Innocence,
In war-like state did ride;
And I find since
I cou'd not with all these contend, but must have dy'd.
But if still you
Do cry, forbear this Conquest to pursue;
You must debauch your Mind,
Turn all your Vertues into Vice,
And make an Hell of Paradise,
Be false, deform'd, unkind:
By this device,
And by no other, I from Love may be declin'd.
But why? but why
Name I this great impossibility?
I scarce cou'd so remove
Page  142The great affection which I bear,
Were you as bad, as good you are,
So difficult 't will prove
To you, I swear;
Eternal is your Goodness, and Eternal is my Love.