Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

In Praise of LETTERS.

LEtters are wing'd Postillions, and do move
From East to West on Embassies of Love.
The bashfull Lover, when his stamm'ring Lips
Falter with fear from unadvised slips,
May boldly Court his Mistress with the Quill,
And his hot Passions to her Breast instill.
The Pen can furrow a fond Females Hert,
And pierce it more than Cupid's feigned Dart.
Letters a kind of Magick Vertue have,
And like strong Philtres humane Souls inslave;
Page  132They can the Poles, and Emperour inform,
What Towns in Hungary are won by storm
From the great Turk: Mounsieur of them may know
How Foreign States on French Intriegues do blow.
The lucky Goose sav'd Iove's beleagu'rd Hill,
Once by her Noise, but oftner by her Quill.
It twice prevented Rome was not o'er-run,
By the tough Vandal, and the rough-hewn Hun.
Letters can Plots, though moulded under-ground,
Disclose, and their fell complices confound.
Witness that fiery Pile, which wou'd have blown
Up to the Clouds, Prince, People, Peers, and Town,
Tribunals, Church, and Chappel, and had dry'd
The Thames, though swelling in her highest pride;
And parboyl'd the poor Fish, which from her Sands
Had been toss'd up to the adjoyning Lands.
Lawyers as Vultures, had soar'd up and down,
Prelates like Magyes in the Air had flown,
Had not the Eagle's Letter brought to light
That Subterranean horrid work of Night.
Letters may more than History inclose,
The choicest learning both in Verse and Prose:
Page  133Witness Mich. Drayton, whose sweet-charming Pen
Produc'd those Letters so admir'd by Men.
Words vanish soon, and vapour into Air,
While Letters on record stand fresh and fair;
And like to Gordian Knots do Nature tye,
Else all Commerce and Love 'twixt Men wou'd dye.