Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  114

THE Lover's Will.

LET me not sigh my last, before I breathe
(Great Love) some Legacies; I here bequeathe
Mine Eyes to Argus, if mine Eyes can see;
If they be blind, then Love I give them thee;
My Tongue to Fame, t' Embassadors mine Ears,
And unto Women, or the Sea, my Tears.
My Constancy I to the Planets give,
My Truth to them who at the Court do live;
My Silence t' any who abroad have been,
My Money to a Capuchin;
My Modesty I give to Souldiers bare,
And all my Patience let the Gamesters share.
I give my Reputation unto those
Which were my Friends; my Industry to Fos;
Page  115To School-men I bequeath my Doubtfulness,
My Sickness to Physicians or Excess;
To Nature all that I in Rhime have writ,
And to my Company I leave my Wit.
To him for whom the Passing-bell next tolls,
I gve my Physick-Books; my Written Rolls
Of Moral Counsels I to Bedlam give,
My Brazen Medals unto them which live
In want of Bread; To them which pass among
All Foreigners, I leave my English Tongue.
Thou Love taught'st me, by making me adore
That charming Maid, whose Twenty Servants more,
To give to those who had too much before;
Or else by loving where no Love receiv'd cou'd be,
To give to such as have an incapacitie.