Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  112

ANOTHER Love-Poem.

PRide of the World in Beauty, Pow'r, and Love;
Best of thy Sex! Equal to Gods above:
Unparalell'd Vertue; they that search about
The World, to find thy Vertues equal out,
Must take a Iourney longer than the Sun;
And Pilgrims dye e'er half their race is run.
Your charming Beauty can't but please the sight,
With all that is in Nature exquisite.
About those Lips Ambrosial odours flow,
Nectar, and all the Sweets of Hybla grow.
Those sparkling Eyes resistless Magick bear;
I see young wanton Cupids dancing there.
What melting Charms there waves about thy Breast!
On whose transporting Billows Iove might rest
And with immortal Sweets be ever blest.
Shall I but name the other charming Bliss,
That wou'd conveigh our Souls to Paradise?
Page  113Gods! how she charms! none sure was e'er like thee,
Whose very sight do's cause an Ecstasie:
Thou art so soft, so sweet, and silent all,
As Births of Roses, or as Blossoms fall.
Hide then those Eyes; take this soft Magick hence,
My Happiness so much transports my Sence;
That such another look, will make me grow
Too firmly fix't, ever to let you go.
Soul, summon all thy force thy joy to bear,
Whilst on this Hand eternal Love I swear.
Sweetest of Creatures! if there Angels be!
What Angel is not wishing to be Thee?
Can any happiness compare with mine?
'Tis wretched sure to be a Pow'r Divine;
And not the Ioys of happy Lovers know:
Wou'dst thou, my Dearest, be an Angel now?
O how the Moments sweetly glide away!
Nothing of Night appears, but all is Day.
Inflam'd with Love, these Minutes I'll improve,
And sum an Ages Bliss in one Hours Love.
But shou'd I long such vehement raptures feel,
I fear the transports of delight wou'd kill.