Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  100

ADVICE TO A Town-Miss.

DEar Mrs. Anne, I'm certain you'll find true
The late Advice, in writing sent to you;
And I assure you now with Pen in hand,
In Verse or Prose I'm still at your command.
If by Poetick Art I could assay
To Stigmatize the blackness of your way,
I'd fright you from that brutish, lustfull Sin,
Which you so much delight to wallow in.
Soar with your thoughts, and penetrate the Sky,
And view the Wing'd Celestial Hierarchy.
Page  101Think to what Heav'nly joys you'r free-born Heir,
If you'll but follow vertuous Actions here,
And that your Ransom cost your Saviour dear.
Strive still for Vertue's Paths with strong desire,
For flames of Lust will end in flames of Fire.
If once to Drunkenness inclin'd you be,
You've sprung a Leak to all debaucherie;
And drinking Healths, the Body heats with Liquor,
Which makes it prostitute to Lust the quicker.
Shun then those paths, don't foster in your Breast
Such wicked Sins, they'll but disturb your Rest.
Torture your Mind till Atropos divide
The fatal twist, and send you to reside
In horrors darksome shades, without a guide;
Where you will find for your lascivious tricks,
Charon must wat you o'er the River Styx:
Too sure you'll find he'll not his way mistake,
But row you safe unto Averna's Lake;
And where you'll surely be compell'd to land,
Pluto himself will let you understand.