Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  91

A Congratulatory POEM ON HIS SACRED MAIESTY IAMES the SECOND's Succession to the Crown.

NO sooner doth the Aged Phoenix dye,
But kind indulging Nature gives supply.
Sick of her Solitude, she first retires,
And on her Spicy Death-bed then expires.
Thus God's Vicegerent unconcern'd, declines
The Crown, and all his Dignities resigns:
Like dying Parents, who do first commend
Their Issue to th' tuition of a Friend;
And then, as if their chiefest care was past,
Pleas'd with the Settlement, they breathe their last:
So he perceiving th' nigh approach of Death,
That with a Period must close his Breath.
Page  92His Soul he first to God doth recommend,
Then parts from's dearest Brother, and best Friend
Contentedly resigns his dying claim,
To him Successor of his Crown and Fame:
One whose wise Conduct knows how to dispence,
Proper rewards to Guilt and Innocence:
A Prince, within the Circle of whose Mind
All the Heroick Vertues are confin'd;
That diff'rently dispers'd, have made Men great,
A Prince so just, so oft preserv'd by Fate.
On then, Great Potentate, and like the Sun,
Set with the splendid Glory you've begun.
Disperse such hov'ring Clouds as wou'd benight,
And interpose themselves 'twixt us and light.
You boldly dare Iehovah's Trust attest,
Without a base perswading interest.
When pleasing lattery puts on her charms,
To take with gentle Arts and sot Alarms;
Fix't with a Gallant resolution, you
Uncase the Hypocrite, who bids adieu
To this confus'd and ill-digested State,
Where Plots new Plots to Counter-plot create:
Page  93Trusting to Reason's Conduct as your guide,
You leave the threatning Gulphs on either side
And then erect such marks as may appear,
To caution others from a Shipwrack there.
And since your Reign the Rebels plainly see
The mean effects of their black Treachery,
The Puritans may now expect in vain,
To Gull with Pious Frauds the Land again:
You, like a Great Columbus, will find out
The hidden World of deep intriegues and doubt
England no more of Iealousies shall know
But Halcyon Peace shall build, and Plenty flow.
And the Proud Thames, swell'd high, no more com∣plains,
But smilingly looks on the peaceful Plains.
No Angry Tempest then shall curl her Brow.
Glad to behold revived Commerce grow;
Whilst We to IAMES the Second make Address
Striving who most shall Loyalty express.
No Faction shall us from our selves divide,
More than the Sea from all the World beside,
But link'd together in one Chain of Love,
And with one Spring Unanimous we'll move;
Page  94That to our Foes regret it may be said,
VVe are again one Body, and one Head:
Which God preserve, and grant that long you may,
In Righteousness and Peace the Scepter sway.