Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  83

A Congratulatory POEM To His most Sacred Majesty IAMES the Second, &c. On His late Victories o'er the Rebels in the West.

SInce Heav'n your Righteous Cause has own'd,
And with success your pow'rful Army Crown'd;
Silence were now an injury as rude,
As were the Rebel's base ingratitude.
While th' Glories of your Arms & Triumphs shine,
Not to Congratulate, were to repine,
Your Enemies themselves wou'd strangely raise
By dis-ingenious and inglorious Ways;
By means no Vulgar Spirit wou'd endure,
But such as either Courage want, or Power.
Page  84But while your Clemency proclaims aloud,
Compassion to the miserable Croud.
Your Royal Breast with Love and Anger burns,
And your Resentment into Pity turns.
But they your Princely Pardon did refuse,
And were resolv'd all Outrages to use.
Stern Murtherers, that rise before the light
To kill the Innocent, and rob at Night:
Unclean Adulterers, whose longing Eyes
Wait for the Twilight; Enter in disguise,
And say, Who sees us? Thieves, who daily mark
Those Houses which they plunder in the dark.
Yet whilst your Loyal Subjects Blood they seek,
With th' Gibbet or the Ax at last they meet.