Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  53


'TIS well he's gone, (O had he never been!)
Hurry'd in Storms loud as his crying Sin:
The Pines and Oaks fell prostrate to his Urn,
That with his Soul his Body too might burn.
Winds pluck up Roots, and fixed Cedars move,
Roaring for Vengeance to the Heavens above:
For Guilt from him like Romulus did grow,
And such a Wind did at his Ruin blow.
Praying themselves the lofty Trees shou'd fell
Without the Ax, so Orpheus went to Hell:
At whose descent the sturdiest Oaks were cleft,
And the whole Wood its wonted Station left.
Page  54In Battle Herc'les wore the Lyon's Skin,
But our Fierce Nero wore the Beast within;
Whose Heart was Brutish, more than Face or Eyes,
And in the shape of Man was in disguise.
Where ever Men, where ever pillage lyes,
Like rav'nous Vultures, or wing'd Navy flyes.
Under the Tropicks he is understood,
And brings home Rapine through a Purple Flood.
New Circulations found, our Blood is hurl'd,
As round the lesser, so the greater VVorld.
In Civil Wars he did us first engage,
And made Three Kingdoms subject to his rage.
One fatal stroke slew Iustice, and the cause
Of Truth, Religion, and our Sacred Laws.
So fell Achilles by the Trojan Band,
Though he still fought with Heav'n it self in hand.
Nor cou'd Domestick Spoil confine his Mind,
Nor limits to his fury, but Mankind.
The Brittish Youth in Foreign Coasts are sent,
Towns to destroy, but more to Banishment.
VVho since they cannot in this Isle abide,
Are confin'd Pris'ners to the VVorld beside.
Page  55No wonder then if we no tears allow
To him who gave us Wars and Ruin too:
Tyrants that lov'd him, griev'd, concern'd to see
There must be punishment to crueltie.
Nature her self rejoyced at his Death,
And on the Halter sung with such a Breath,
As made the Sea dance higher than before,
While her glad Waves came dancing to the shore.